3x spending the weekend at home

Unwind completely or discover new talents, Pulitzer Amsterdam shares 3 tips for a wonderful weekend at home.

Secret recipes from the chef: Pause Pancakes

Bring a little bit of Pulitzer’s Garden café Pause to your own plate. We’ve asked the chef for the ingredients of the Pause Pancakes with fresh fruit.

Jacu’s favorite places in Amsterdam

Jacu Strauss is the one responsible for the design of Pulitzer Amsterdam. Use his inspiration and challenge your inner interior designer.

“I want to share my favorite places with you – where I shop, wander around and gather inspiration as a designer.”

Pulitzer’s Bar head bartender is ready to share his secrets

Head bartender Andrei Talapanescu shares his secrets. Take The Governess, a delicious drink that can be defined as light, refreshing, citrusy and dry.

Pulitzer Mindfulness Sessions

Unwind with the meditation sessions and start or end your day full of positive energy, ready to take on anything.

Healthy Pause lunch at home

Bring Pulitzer’s Garden café Pause to your own plate, we have asked the chef for the ingredients of the Pause Poke Bowl with salmon.


Sjansz. is back! Poetry, flirty one-liners and delicious Jansz. dishes is what you can expect this Valentine’s Day in restaurant Jansz.

Tie the Knot Package

Celebrate the day of love at Pulitzer Amsterdam with the romantic and exclusive ‘Tie the Knot’ getaway.

Winter Warm-up Package

This festive season, Pulitzer Amsterdam will launch the Winter Warm-up Package to celebrate the merry season.

Pulitzer’s Christmas Tree

On Monday the 9th of December, Pulitzer’s Christmas Tree will be back in the middle of the inner garden of the hotel.